LOMATIA TINCTORIA                                             Proteaceae
Guitar Plant
Lomatia tinctoria
This shrub is usually seen in extensive colonies as it spreads by underground rhizomes.
Above ground it appears as a plant with few stems and is rarely more than 1m tall. The
white or cream flowers are in loose spikes, and the buds, like the ensuing woody fruits, are
guitar-shaped. The leaves appear fernlike, but are leathery to the touch, and are pinnately
divided once or twice into long slender feathery lobes

Flowering  in summer. Cultivation - propagation is from seed or cuttings. Established
plants may benefit from pruning.

Three species of Lomatia are endemic to Tasmania, the other two being
L. polymorpha

(montane areas)
and the rare
L. tasmanica

from the rainforests of the south west. 

Lomatia tinctoria detail