EUCALYPTUS RODWAYI                                                                                 Myrtaceae
Swamp Peppermint

(Named in honour of L. Rodway (1853-1936) author of Tasmanian Flora.)
The common name is misleading as rodwayi is a gum related to ovata and not a peppermint
Eucalyptus rodwayi buds
Small tree, 9-18 m high and 30-60 cm in diameter.  The trunk is moderately straight but can be divided into two or more large stems near ground level or persist to more than three-quarters of tree height.  Flowering mid to late summer; mature leaves alternate, stalked, lanceolate 6 -12 x 1-1.5cm, rarely broader. Very firm texture.
Eucalyptus rodwayi
Swamp Peppermint occurs scattered in distinctive habitats over much of Tasmania, with the exception of the high rainfall west coast. It's common around the edges of the central plateau, but is found on damp sites along much of the east coast and in a few places south of Hobart. Topography appears more important than altitude, as it grows on soils which are either damp throughout most of the year or even waterlogged at times, such as marshes or valley bottoms in hilly plateau country.
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TAS endemic