Drosera peltata subsp peltata

DROSERA PELTATA subsp PELTATA            Droseraceae
Pale Sundew

dewy (glistening hairs on leaf); peltata shield (leaf shape); auriculata ear-shaped (leaf with appendages)

Slender green insectivorous plant growing from a buried tuber. Rosette leaves green, orbicular on short broad stalk, usually absent during flowering time. Stem erect, stem leaves stalked, peltate, covered with sticky hairs longer at the upper pointed 'ears'. The hairs trap and digest small insects. White or pinkish flowers 1-1.5 cm across, in terminal clusters but opening one at a time, sepals hairless, smooth, shining.  
Flowering spring-summer. Common, widespread in heaths and on hillsides at low altitudes.
Tas, Vic, NSW, Qld, SA and New Zealand.

There are 54 Drosera species in Australia. Many species are now in cultivation and can be
grown in pots which need to be stood in a saucer of water and positioned in moderately
high light. D.peltata tends to die back after flowering and pots should be allowed to dry
out slightly during the dormant period.

Drosera peltata subsp peltata leaf trap