MILLIGANIA JOHNSTONII                                                              Liliaceae
Shortleaf milligania.

Milligania johnstonii
Photo: Christine Howells
A mat-forming perennial with stems covered in the fibrous remains of spent leaf sheaths.

Height. 2-6cm.
Leaves:  Dark green, rigid, glossy with scattered hairs on the margins which are thicker at the apex,
lanceolate to 4cm long, 3-6mm wide, tapering to a long point.

Flowers:  Pink/white, tubular, lobes broad and opening wide, held just above the leaves.
Flowering:  Summer.
Fruit: An oblong capsule.

Habitat/Distribution:  In wet, sandy sites on the margins of lakes and tarns in the south-west, from sea
level to 1000 m. Tasmanian endemic.

Cultivation:  Grown by specialists.  Requires constant well drained moist soil and full sun.  Has been
successfully grown in pots standing in a tray of water.  Propagate from seed or by division.