Myrtaceae                                                                              Swamp Gum or Black Gum
Eucalyptus ovata
Favours river flats, fertile soils and basalt hills. Habit varies from a rounded woodland form 10-20m tall of the lowlands, to a tall tree 30-50m on more fertile upland sites. The bark is dark and rough in the lower part of the trunk, in upper part shedding in ribbons leaving smooth grey-white surface.

Juvenile leaves broad, almost circular. Adult leaves leathery, glossy dark green, oval to lance-shaped with wavy edges.  Buds diamond-shaped in clusters of 4-7.  Flowers creamy white.  Capsule
cone-shaped with valves flat or protruding  

Superficially similar to Eucalyptus brookerana but far more common in eastern Tasmania.

E. ovata flowers