CHAMAESCILLA CORYMBOSA                                                Liliaceae
Blue Stars

Chamaescilla corymbosa
A perennial herb with a tuberous root.  The only Chamaescilla species in Tasmania
Ht. 10-15cm  W.10-20cm

Leaves: linear to 15cm long, 1.5mm wide with hairy margins, broader at base tapering to a point, a basal tuft of 2-6 leaves that die off in the summer.
Flowers: Blue, 1-6, with 6 rounded petals on stalk up to 25cm, twisting as the flower dries.
Flowering: Spring.
Fruit: A 3-lobed capsule.
Habitat/Distribution:  Moist sandy or peaty heaths or light forests from sea level to 200m in the north-west, north-east midlands of Tasmania. Also WA, SA, Vic, Qld.
Cultivation: An adaptable plant for well drained areas in part sun. Seems to be short-lived. Propagate from seed.  
(Information courtesy of Tasmania’s Natural Flora